Friday, 16 December 2016

Nail Art #55 | Christmas jumper nails

Hello everyone! Christmas seems to have rolled round faster than ever, I can't believe it's next weekend. I've got all my presents wrapped and ready to give out. I even have presents for my dogs in their own Christmas stocking. This Christmas I hardly have time to paint cute designs onto my nails due to working so much in retail. It just gets busier and busier as the days head towards the new year.

I bought this MoYou Festive nail stamping plate #06 in the Black Friday sales. Their designs are so intricate. I used 'Fishnet Stockings' by Essie, a ruby red, as the base colour, and 'Cotton' by Barry M as the stamping polish. I found it quite difficult to stamp; the designs would stamp wonky, or do a weird tacky thing when I rolled the stamper across the nail. Not sure how to fix that problem, so if anyone has any suggestions please leave them in a comment below or tweet me!

I loved all the designs on this plate, I didn't want to showcase just one. This is one of the easiest ways to get detailed festive nails.

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