Thursday, 26 May 2016

Nail Art #52 | Pink Marble Nails

Hello everyone! This week I've created a pink marble nails. They're super easy to do, and require only three shades of polish, two brushes and one steady hand.

I'm using Essie's Fiji as the base, Splash of Grenadine as the middle, Funny Face as the darkest colour. To create the marble, I used the dry brush technique and painted Splash of Grenadine in one direction across the nail. I used a thin nail art brush to create tiny, broken lines with Funny Face. I then dipped a clean up brush in nail polish remover and lightly swept it across the whole nail. I sealed it with a fast drying top coat to complete the look. 

If you don't use a top coat, then you'll have a weird texture on your nail from the polish remover, so please use it! I think it makes the marble looks way better when sealed with a top coat. 

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